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A hostel is a home away from home. Aware of the special needs and requirements of students, who come from far-flung areas to the Government College Chamba, and the hostels try to provide them a safe, secure and affordable accommodation. There is one hostel for students (boys). These hostels, which accommodate about 60 students, play an important role in shaping the destiny of wards and prepare them to fight the battle of their life.

The hostels take pains to give its students a neat and clean environment and a comfortable place to live in. Man is a social animal and needs to interact with others. The students of hostels are encouraged to live in harmony, like one big family, co-operating to make hostel life a rich and fruitful experience.

The hostels of GC Chamba try to provide an ideal atmosphere for healthy, all-round development of personality and a launching pad for a glorious career ahead. Living in a hostel demands a high degree of integrity, consciousness, cooperation, tolerance and hard work.


The admission in the hostel is based on a merit basis. Therefore the students seeking admission have to apply for the hostel at the time of taking admission to the class. The application is to submit either in this office or with the hostel warden before the last date of admissions. Vacancies in the hostel depend upon the number of students leaving the hostels.


(For Boys Hostel)

1) The Gate of the boys hostel will be closed at 8 P.M. and opened at 6 A.M., the student will wait (if the gate is closed) for the Chowkidar to come back from his round of the building.

2) All students entering the hostel after 10 P.M. are to make due entries in the register maintained with the chowkidar of the hostel.

3) A student shall under all circumstances, inform the warden about his / her absence from the hostel. He/ she shall sign the register maintained for this purpose.

4)Any student found absent from the hostel for more than two weeks without sanctioned leave from the warden, his/ her hostel admission shall be canceled along with a minimum fine of Rs. 200/-.

5) A student must observe study hours strictly from 9 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.

6) Any kind of shouting, knocking or any other act likely to create disturbance is strictly prohibited.

7) There will be a daily roll call before dinner as time fixed by the warden.



1) All rights of admission to the hostel are reserved with the Principal. No student can claim admission as a right.

2) Decisions/orders notified from time to time, by the Principal/warden will be binding on the students.

3) Admission shall be sought afresh in the beginning of every academic session. A student may be refused admission if his conduct during his / her earlier stay in any of the hostels was satisfactory or he/she was a defaulter.

4) Any student alleged to be involved in any misconduct will be liable to be suspended from the hostel and on providing the act of misconduct the student shall be liable to be expelled from the college enroll.

5) Any incorrect statement, address filled by the student in the hostel admission form would result in the cancellation of admission and confiscation of securities.

6) (a) In case a student has failed or not appeared in examination or compartment in the last Academic session he/ she will not be allowed the hostel accommodation in the next year.

(b) Students securing less than 50% marks will be given hostel accommodation subject to it availability and permission granted by the Principal GC Chamba

7) A student who is married, in employment, in a profession or in any other all-time occupation other than status or any course outside the campus shall not be entitled to hostel accommodation.

8) In case of emergency, the student shall see the chief Warden or Principal during office hours only.

9) Late admission to the hostel shall be with the prior permission of the Principal. Late admission means any admission after the last date of admission in the college, subject to availability of accommodation in the hostel.

10) Principal reserves the right to change any of the hostel rules and dues, the same shall be binding on the hostel students.